Racheal Lewis

United States, Lake In The Hills







Hello. My name is Racheal and I love to sing. I've enjoyed singing since I was a young girl as a fun and relaxing hobby. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't sing or practice to improve my vocal capabilities. I'm an 80s baby so I have lots of fun singing songs that I heard as a child and many different genres such as jazz, r&b, and soft rock. I enjoy singing so much that I joined a community choir and I've been a member for many years but my passion for singing has outgrown choral singing and now I want to pursue a solo career. I'm primarily interested in creating my own sound and writing songs that accentuate my voice. Singing cover songs is absolutely fun; however, I would like to develop my artistic skills to create music that highlights the uniqueness of my voice and my vocal range. I'm confident that working with leaders in music industry with such vast experience with various artist is a great path and opportunity for me to grow as a songstress.

check out my porfolio at http://racheallewis.com/listen.html



I Refuse To Be Lonely (cover)

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