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My name is Nat Budz and I'm an Omaha Singer-Songwriter! I started writing around the young age of 10 or so. I kept up with a daily journal, writing stories and constructing poetry, and eventually I began writing my own music and composition. Over the years, I have been privileged enough to be able to teach myself the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar, the ukulele, the xylophone, and I am able to play the bass guitar and piano by ear! I sing and produce my own original music, and have been performing since I was 14. I am currently a college student with a major in audio engineering, and am hoping to become my own producer someday, as well as CHANGE THE INDUSTRY.

I have a Soundcloud! Follow it please!

I also love to get to know new people! Message me! Follow my social media accounts for updates!

Thank you for the opportunity Isina, and thank you my Isina community.

XX Peace and Love XX


09 January
we know da wae
nat budz @ Instagram
03 January
i believe in the importance of impulsive behaviour, with good intention.
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21 December
hey guys ! ✨ i know this isn't my usual type of post, but It's winter, and I wanted to recognize those with seasonal depression, or depression in general ! Mental illness is real, and not unlikely at all. For those with seasonal depression/depression, this time of the year can be really difficult ! While everyone else is excited to enjoy the holidays and the long snowy break, those with seasonal depression/depression are just given a reason to stew away in their worries, and cuddle up in bed. my advice to those with this struggle is- NO MATTER WHAT, try and get yourself moving ! i know it's terribly difficult, i struggle with it all myself. A good workout can boost your mood quickly, and release endorphins in your body that make you happier ! Talk to yourself out loud, tell yourself that regardless of what's going on, you're still doing a very good job ! You're ALIVE. You are VALID. you are REAL. if anyone wants to release some energy (or muster some up) with me this holiday season, let me know and we can workout together ! Please take care of yourself in these winter times ! 💕
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21 December
support your local and uprising artists!! 💪🏼check out the latest on SoundCloud by @justus_112 and myself ! Link in bio ✨
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18 December
the coolest guy around.
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16 December
Hey guys! @dixiequicks is open for an additional 4 hours on Friday and Saturday nights now ! Stop in from 10pm-2am for drinks and some late night snacks ! 🍻🍽we include dishes such as French Toast, Biscuits & Gravy, and Chilaquiles on our Late Night Menu ! ✨
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12 December
sunsets and silhouettes//2017
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09 December
Thanks to everyone who came out to the @joslynartmuseum for the Kent Bellows Music and Fashion Salon !✨ Also, thanks #kentbellowsstudio for having me come back and perform "Little Lyon Boy" as an Alumn with the other talented students of Kent Bellows Mentoring Program ! 💋
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05 December
getting slightly better at the piano! Here's a new #womanempowerment song on the way ! 💋
nat budz @ Instagram
17 November
sneak peak on my new "sick jam", Solstice ! (It's a sick jam because I'm physically ill in this video) ☺️
nat budz @ Instagram
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