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Words can help heal the soul from many wounds, and this is my goal for my music. ❤️ I’m 33, married, and have 3 kids. I very recently, after years of fear and hiding, decided to pursue singing/songwriting. I’m also teaching myself acoustic guitar for the purpose of having music while I sing, but I would love to journey into the synth/electropop genre.






08 March
I’ll be back when there is more fruit of discipline in my life. 😬😅🙏
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27 February
This sweet little (2ft tall) unsuspecting book unfolds into a TWENTY THREE foot chart of world history 😍 It was created in 1871 and the illustrations do not disappoint! I got an Amazon gift card for my birthday and was having a hard time figuring out what to get, but when I saw this beauty, it was love at first sight! 🤣 It seems to me that Biblical history is often taught separately from the rest of history. But when you line it all up, there is a richness and depth and beauty that makes the Word of God come alive in new ways. At least for me 😉
Now please excuse me while I geek out for days on all the tiny details! 🎉
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21 February
Long night with this sweet little guy who was up with a fever and complaints of his mouth and foot hurting. It’s easy in these times for my mind to flash back to all of his health struggles when he was a baby, and even to the fevers and pain Eden presented with when she first got sick in Thailand. But what does letting my mind stay in that place of worrying do? Nothing good, that’s for sure! So instead I will rejoice in the Lord for the things He has done and is doing, and soak up these cuddles from my baby, who isn’t exactly a baby anymore. ❤️
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21 February
I wasn’t sure how I’d feel on Keto with dairy becoming a staple, as I’ve had digestive and skin issues in the past from it, but fortunately it hasn’t caused any issues thus far. I’d be willing to bet that has something to do with sticking with high quality dairy, which I can’t say I ate before way back when I ate it regularly haha. So feeling good with it means I can make (and devour!) things like these Keto cheddar biscuits. They are seriously amazing 😍

A few more new meals from this past week - baked turkey and egg cups, radish hash (yes, radish!) with bacon and cheddar, and Keto pizza (only light on cheese on the top because the crust was made with 3/4 cup of it 😂)
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19 February
When you prepare in your head to reply to a message from your Spanish professor...but the first sentence you think of is in Thai. 😳😂🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Fun fact: while in Spanish I am (obviously) learning to translate from one language to another, in my math class I am currently learning to translate sentences into SYMBOLS. Have you ever felt your brain sizzle from thinking too hard? That’s been me this week. Please send backup (preferably in the form of Keto casseroles and cupcakes) 🤣
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18 February
It’s been a while, but it’s time for a New Music Monday. I wrote this one 4 or 5 months ago but it’s been a particularly hard one to prepare to share. It’s a different kind of raw, heavier. It’s about mental health issues, sin, and even personality - a combination of things that make it hard for me to let go of the past. Maybe you can relate, maybe you can’t. Either way, here it is. ❤️ The words:
sometimes I hold onto the wrong things/ and it’s hard to slow down when I catch myself running
And all these thoughts are gettin under my skin/ but it’s hard to slow down when I catch myself running/
But I feel the weight of being wrong/ when I dream of what is gone
I’ve been making mountains out of molehills/ and I try to lay ‘em down but they’re following me still/ and you know I’ll blow it all out of proportion/ ‘cause every river feels like an ocean/
But I feel the weight of being wrong/when I dream of what is gone
Wish I could run away/it’s in the back of my mind always/ wish I could get away/ it’s in the bottom of my heart always/ wish I could get away/ it’s in the back of my mind always/ if I could run away/ I wouldn’t be who I am today
Have I been making somethin’ out of nothin’?/ have I been making somethin’ out of nothin’?/ oh have I been making somethin’ out of nothin’?/ every river feels like an ocean
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18 February
Time for a DIY recipe! Simple, potent, 3 ingredient CBD gummies! Each one has 10mg of organic, full spectrum CBD from @nuleafnaturals (and less than .5g of sugar!) Did you know you can make gummies yourself (easily!) with minimal ingredients? Heat 1c of juice of your choice (I picked this one to keep it super low carb for Keto) and whisk in 2T of unflavored powdered gelatin. Once the gelatin has dissolved and combined, remove from the heat and add in the total amount of CBD you want (you’ll need to divide the total mg of CBD you’re adding by how many gummies you’re making to get the total mg per gummy. Mine have 10mg each but that can be adjusted to any amount), stirring to combine well. Pour it into molds and let them set in the fridge for an hour or so, and voila! Grab one of these to start your day or as needed. Both of your brains (stomach and gut 😉) will thank you! 🎉
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15 February
The final product!
At some point after my last post (saying that when Zack got home we’d move the dresser upstairs) I got the idea to somehow get the dresser upstairs WITHOUT him, as a surprise. It took some strategizing, I almost gave up a couple of times, and I feel like I did some sort of strange CrossFit exercise (you know, something where you pull a massive dresser up a staircase by yourself 🤣) - but it was all SO worth it when he got home and was very puzzled as to how I’d accomplished such a task. I beamed as he said how impressed he was, and humbly bragged that I was just as impressed. 😂
Note: I make the bed every morning. Another note: this mess free photo is not a good representation of what our room usually looks like. 😉
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14 February
Dresser is DONE! Now, I wonder what color it is? 🤔😉 When Zack gets home we’ll get it set up in our room and then I’ll let the cat out of the bag! Try not to be on the edge of your seat until then 🙄😂
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12 February
When your chocolate PB birthday cupcakes are Keto (and grain free!), there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating one (or two) for breakfast! 😍🤤 Local friends, you have to check out Misty’s Guilty Free Treats!
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