Kool Breed

United States, Indianapolis






Ajia Sanders “Kool Breed,” age 25 was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is a multi-talented artist. She began writing poems at age 11, songwriting at 17 and released her first single at 21. Her passion is consumed of R‘n’B, pop music, country pop and a little bit of Edm and hip-hop
She is a very determined, loyal, unique, and extraordinary person, has high moral values, trustworthiness, and a person of character. She is self-motivated and independently minded. Has great love and passion for good music and that has been a motivating factor for her.
Her musical journey has not been an easy one; though very talented and she started very early, unlike most artist that just wanted to sing, her original plan was to write for other artists until a beat producer; Elijah Moore set her up to record her lyrics instead. Also, since she has written over 200 songs, Kool Breed has used her music to improve and drive her motivation to overcome adversity through all obstacles. She was born into a very talented music inclined family, with two brothers and supportive parents.
Her has a career outside of music she is an experienced Aircraft Mechanic. The writing was not something he started out of the desire to make money; music writing, in general, started for her as an outlet to help cope with depression. She began with music writing, and that is how she found her niche. However, she never saw himself as a rapper, a singer. She refers to herself as an artist.
Be passionate, be focused, be consistent and success will be a thing to worry less about. Kool Breed's passion has allowed her to travel places she has never imagined she could get to in a short period. She has been able to share her music with the world widely. Her music is one with a difference, unique and loved the lovers of good music
The beat as an art as well and inspires her to know what to write and sing, her passion has allowed her to travel different places to share her music with different types of people. Lifted her to the number one spot on the R'n'B charts on Reverbnation for weeks and hitting her first 17 thousand plays on the Soundcloud with the newly released track "Special Request."
Her approach, consistency, and ability to put quality and focus into action when writing songs has made her exceptional. Though she has been to lots of places yet approach, Delivery, and quality are the three most important keys she focuses on when it comes to writing songs. She has an undying love to see more of the world, share her music and give back to the youth by one day building up a program on encouraging self- individual growth. Her motto is "Let Me Breed."



Special Request E


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