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Isina, thank you for giving me a platform to showcase some of my new music after a 7 year Hiatus. I could give you a sob story that sells like how my house burnt, my 2 family members I cared about the most died within days of each other before I graduated. I found my dad overdosed on pills, or how I overcame addiction/judicial system and fought to get my twin girls back, but if I did then you wouldnt want to keep listening.

My name is Cain. Im a white rapper from Louisiana and been underground for a little over 10years. I take pride in saying that Im a talented song writer/ performing artist.

SoundCloud link

Follow me on Twitter @Its_Cain_337
SoundCloud link

Ive been on local radio in the past. I have a trio of super producers that have helped me along my journey: (Follow themnon Twitter @tonedef_hitman, @isn0va , and J.Paul on the Beat.

Since Ive submitted some of my music to Isina, producers, and A&Rs I have taken all constructive criticism and plan on getting better. You will know me, get use to seeing me, and hearing me. Independently or with a label.

I'd like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to listen!


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