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I am BACK!

Hello Isina! I have returned after a pretty long hiatus. I took a lot of time to record some new records / train my voice after receiving feedback off my previous tracks. I also had to live some life and go through some things which helped inspire me and grow more. I have been working really hard in the film industry but now have returned to music which has been such an amazing transition. I didn't realize how much I truly missed music / writing / recording until I actually got back on my mic. I'm super excited to continue to grow and progress in music and myself, in general. I'm still in Atlanta, Georgia! I'll be 21 in September which is a huge milestone, so I'm excited to see what that chapter has for me in terms of life / music / career. I've been tuning into my spirituality so much more which has helped me tremendously and has helped me keep what is most important to me, dear to my heart. I'm living through love and happiness and will continue to do so while also shedding that energy onto whoever comes into my path.

Thank you so much for visiting my page! I hope you enjoy the music and please show my streaming sites some love as well! So so so so much love and cheers to MUSIC!



I Thought So


The Divine Moonlight


Need You Here


Rock Tonight With You



04 July
i miss you more boyfriend ily sm
30 June
RT @LOVERYANBITCH: Okkk instead of drawing — RT this and I’ll do a random photoshop of ur avi bc I’m bored and it’s fun lol :D
30 June
30 June
i want my 15 seconds of WASTED TIME back pls ...
29 June
RT @ItsAlexJackson: what is gay privilege? better sex. no accidental kids. date someone your size and double your wardrobe. not being stra…
29 June
i played myself, this album bumps
29 June
@jezusgurl55 @_cat351_ @linzlovesyou @SarahLerner Nita, sis, your replies are the energy i’m here for
28 June
delete your account sis
28 June
@gladlyarianas happy birthday, mutual ♡
28 June
RT @naomitsk: rt and my sister & i will draw your avi✨
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