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Russia, Moscow







My real name is Ivan and I have been writing songs and singing them for a while now. I play the piano and the guitar and learn to use Logic to make my own arrangements at the moment. I am currently working in an office but music has been my passion since childhood. I hope there are people out there who can appreciate the results of my work, somebody to share my music and songs with. My music history began when I was 4 and my parents bought me a small keyboard which turned out to be the best toy ever. So in a couple of years I found myself on my first piano lesson which led to nearly 10 years of competitions, concerts and stage work. Unfortunately, too much exercising my piano put me off playing for some time after I graduated the music school. Nevertheless, the music went on living inside me so in my early university years I learnt how to play the guitar and also found my way back to the piano. I guess that was the time when I started writing songs with lyrics. My education and work field are not connected to music in any way but I believe that there is still time to alter that. That is why two years ago I started to work on my vocals and I have extended it up to 3,5 octaves by now which finally helps me perform my songs myself. I am ready to do everything possible to enter the music business because that is where my soul lies.





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