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N O W R E C O R D I N G / / I'm MOVO, from Chile. To live is to record. --

Music is everything to me; a dream, existence in the right way. Audio production is an art.

I S T H I S T H I N G O N ?

With my band I have two releases: Las Cosas Nuevas EP (2014) and Rubicon EP (2016). (Both:

* I have a youtube channel. Check it out!

* "Miedo!" and "Planetas" are brand new songs for the project; I performed instruments and vocals, recorded and mixed.
** "Osaka" and "La imagen secreta" are new songs, also for Morgan (performed by me).
*** "Santiago / La noche", is a song featured in "Rubicon EP" (2016).
**** The Call(ing) is a song for Morgan, (2017). Performed/Programmed/Mixed/ by me.

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