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Hello everyone! I am a singer, songwriter and a relentless dreamer. I had a profile on Isina for some time, but I thought it was time for one that came straight from the heart.

I have been singing since I was 3 years old and most of my earliest childhood memories are tied to music. I come from a musical household, but both my parents had to give up on their dreams when we moved to the US from Ukraine. They gave up their dreams so I could have a chance at mine. I work each day in hopes that I have the possibility to give back to them even a part of their dreams for all they have given me.

I have dedicated my whole life to music because music isn’t just a part of me - it makes up who I am. Without it I am a fish out of water and a fish out of water cannot breathe. For me music gives me life.

I believe creativity is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It teaches us about ourselves and life’s true meanings. It allows us to express and communicate things only felt with the heart and gives us the chance to leave behind something beautiful in this world - that can act as a compass for generations to follow.

The world around is changing and the music industry has already changed. But I believe that music guided by genuine artistry could be a cure. I am trying to find a way to turn my dream into a reality and have the chance to work with and create with individuals who still believe in the sincere beauty of music.

I have encountered many wonderful people along my journey and have assembled many pieces of this puzzle thus far, but the harsh reality is sometimes in life you have to ask for help. So I put it out into the world (this wish)….meanwhile work as hard as I can and hope with all my heart that the next door will open.

These songs - some covers, some originals are me. Their music, their melodies their stories will tell you more about me than anything I could ever write with just text.

I genuinely and whole-heartedly ask for your help Isina - for a chance.

Thank you



Broken Paradise / Broken Heaven








Night Sonata - Shubert


If You Go Away - Ne Me Quitte Pas

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26 December
@Maryroyal4E Thank you Mary!!! I hope you had wonderful Christmas!!! 🌷🌲☃️
24 November
@Maryroyal4E Thank you Mary! Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too! ⚘🌻🍁💞I hope it was truly a nice one!
06 September
Dina Layzis @ Twitter
31 August
The more we see wonderful things the more they become invisible to us. We forget, then we forget we've forgotten. <3 https://t.co/9vkhZmh7oc
24 August
The best way to love someone - is not to depend on them or change them, but instead, help them reveal the greatest version of themselves..<3 https://t.co/y1NxAfLtui
Dina Layzis @ Twitter
21 August
@kasairyu5 Thank you! Have a wonderful week my friend🎶🌞😉
19 August
@smokingman55 @AnthonyLazaro_ Thank you Greg! Check out more of Anthony's music on youtube - I think you will truly love it! :) Have a nice weekend my friend!
19 August
@nemo19832012 @AnthonyLazaro_ 😚😚😚 Thank you dear :).
19 August
A duet that I had a pleasure singing with @AnthonyLazaro_ ! Hope it leaves you with a smile🎶🙂😋! #PMJsearch2017 https://t.co/NSB88KSO3o
18 August
@kawa366 Ahh Billy! Thank you! There will be more! ;)
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