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Hows it going? It's nice to meet you here; I hope you like what you see and hear. When I was 3 I discovered something amazing that always seem to make me instantly happy. Singing and writing music get me through the tough days when I'm sad :( , make the good days great days :) , and most importantly they keep me pushing on toward greatness. Everybody's got a story about how they came about in this industry, mine starts in a crappy town in staten island, then a crappy town in New Jersey , followed by countless crappy town's in the tri-state area. However it never seemed to matter what the quality of my town was, their was always someone in each place that taught me something valuable. With the time I have left in this world I promise myself one thing. Where I came from doesn't matter anymore. I'm here now at the strongest I've ever been, and every year I get a little better. So there ain't no place left to go but up!



New District - Closer (Official Music Video)


Stitches - Shawn Mendes Cover by New District


My Introduction video


Hotline Bling - Drake Acapella Cover by New District


My Time


I Wouldn't Mind


14 April
Really feeling 3:15 by @bazziand now i got a whole album to listen too!
04 April
Just fininshed a book called " They Both Die At The End " by Adam Silvera and I highly recommend it...... you can thank me and curse me out later!
02 March
@Angelica_Dawg yep lol, i hate that the face camera flips your face around
02 March
Tragedy struck again today, when i accidentally put a post i would never have actually posted i was just trying to save. :( i need a new way of filming videos.
02 March
@JenniJedhead ....... lol i feel a bit assualted, you dont listen to any Drake????
02 March
If i was gonna cover a Drake song next week which one would you wanna hear?🤔
08 February

‎Marni Be quit your job lets go treat people shitty And get paid well.

08 February

‎Female Thoughts

07 February

‎I Love Myself Do You?

05 February

‎soooooo me

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