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I don't do it for money, fame, or power. I do it for the love of the craft and the originality the art holds. If you enjoy, relate, or just like what I put out to the world. Please like and share my music, I would absolutely appreciate it!

I will try to post as much as I can! More content :D

By the way, I don't own the rights to use the songs but they're for promotional use, and because I fucking love these songs man! I give all the cred it to these artist (besides my lyrics that I've wrote). I also want to give credit to the producers that let me use for promotional use, because they come out with such real/dope shit and I can't help but mess around and translate it in Spanish with my twist.
I do all the mixing in these songs.

Also looking to collaborate with many talented artist!

Thank You! 
Fly Life.

My soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/baked_bean420

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14 December
Lmao finally! A reason to get my face out my phone. But foreal... fuck the govt.
OsO @ Instagram
29 November
God bless
OsO @ Instagram
15 November
Breaking newx
Pc: @anthony_brace
OsO @ Instagram
07 November
God damnit 😂😂
OsO @ Instagram
26 October
'Was actually born in the wrong universe..
Got my Pip-Boy, but currently not in a waste land or vault.
OsO @ Instagram
22 October
Well insta-fam I am 21.
Ps.. Drinking is less fun now cause I won't get in trouble if I get caught drinking.
OsO @ Instagram
10 October
"Ain't nobody praying for me.."
OsO @ Instagram
22 September
"Why you call it purp, when you mix it pink"
It's limonada
OsO @ Instagram
30 August
OsO @ Instagram
29 August
Maaaaan😭😍 international shyt
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