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A little mystery never hurt anyone.

Hello there humans! I'm Aurelia a 20 year old unidentified species under scientific research and the amazingest life-form in the world. Just kidding I meant the universe.

Alright Jokes aside, it is a pleasure to meet you :)

I play the piano, guitar and sing by ear but what I'm most passionate about is song-writing. I remember the time I wrote my first song as a child. I had discovered Ed Sheeran for the first time and fell in love with his meaningful honest lyrics. Inspired I picked up my guitar and poured my soul out. At that moment I realized that this was my hearts desire. I love the way song-writing gives me the ability to express stories in a way words can't. I love that with each story I tell I can close my eyes and step into a completely new life and view the world from a different perspective.

I have made it my life goal to inspire those around me to pursue their passion no matter what that is and I aspire to put a smile on the faces of as many people as I can:)



15 January
My mother, quarter of my brother and eye.
Aurelia @ Instagram
08 January
Looking forward to making a before and after comparison picture when we're 87.
Please refrain from dying.
Thank you.
#Classof5 #Lpf #Whyamiusinghashtags #loveyousomuch❤️ Gah :P
Aurelia @ Instagram
31 December
Aurelia @ Instagram
29 December
My face when I'm hungry and see food...
Aurelia @ Instagram
06 December
Aurelia @ Instagram
12 November
Sharks didn't eat me. And him. And her. Good sharks.
Aurelia @ Instagram
29 October
All we hear is radio ga ga
Aurelia @ Instagram
02 July
Family minus my dad 😊
Aurelia @ Instagram
30 June
Me creepily looking at @xx.aiyokottukiller666.xx ft him pretending he's not terrified.
Aurelia @ Instagram
21 June
Our expressions explain our siblingship perfectly.
@xx.aiyokottukiller666.xx You're growing up way too fast. Plus NO GIRLFRIEND'S.
Aurelia @ Instagram
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