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Music has been part of my life since my childhood. I played the piano for 7 years as a child/teen, composed smaller pieces, but due to lack of self confidence I did not pursue it further. As an adult I realised how much my life was missing creating music. I started to play the piano again, and besides I started to learn singing and music production (Cubase/Project5) so that I can express myself in multiple areas in music. My passion is to write music that touches people's hearts, that helps them remember, heal and relive memories. I believe music is the most powerful and gentle language between people. As people are so unique and different, I am expressing myself through multiple music styles. Mellow, "carpet" music is what falls closer to my heart, but when an idea comes up (like my submission), I turn also towards faster, electronic means. My challenge is to express myself in a DAW environment, because it is a totally new territory for me than playing an instrument, but I find it absolutely necessary to develop myself in it to create an enjoyable sound and finish my ideas.

Every music I write has a story behind. My dream is that one day my music will touch people's hearts in many songs and movies. There is still a lot to learn for me, but every baby step made brings me closer to my dream. Thank you for this opportunity and for listening to my submission!







The Seeker

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