Alexei Yarkin

Russia, Moscow






songwriter and singer, studio producer from Moscow, Russia.

I have always loved soul, gospel, hiphop music.
All my life was related to music and sound recording. I have sung in a few bands, helped produce other people's tracks, written music for TV, advertisements, films and computer games, have written and recorded quite a few of my own songs but didn't quite get that lucky chance to reach out to many people. I run a small recording studio now. What I want to do is to to master my singing skills to make a solid stage act with the ultimate goal of bringing more joy into the world )).
I also sing with an amateur gospel choir here in Moscow and I really enjoy it, but my dream is to be able to perform and record music with the true rnb, gospel and hiphop musicians. I have tons of great song ideas which, I'm sure will make this world a happier place!

All submitted songs were written, performed and recorded by me (with the exception of People Get Ready, of course, I didn't write that one))), and I hope you enjoy listening to it.

The "Lovin' You" track is really just a quick demo which I recorded especially for ISINA submission in half-an-hour, so you could technically treat it as a "live" recording )).

I've always loved the "People Get Ready" song, especially in the rendition of Take 6, so I've decided to do it as one more submisssion to ISINA.

"Love is all around you" is a new song, just recorded with a choir.

"Lonely Day in Heaven" is a song I wrote for an unbelievable singer Svetlana Zhavoronkova, who does an amazing singing job in that track. I also did the arrangement and production, including mixing and mastering. It is submitted for review in "Composers" section.

Hope my music brings you some good emotions. Thank you for listening! ))



Lonely Day In Heaven


Love is all around you


People get ready (live studio recording)


Lovin' you


B Uniq

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