Jesse Lyons

United States, Columbia






Jesse Lyons has a unique sound like no other Neo-Soul artist in today's music industry, and his music encourages the world to think differently about life from a new perspective. Jesse was born and raised in Pike County, Kentucky, which is the home to the famous Hatfield and McCoy family feud. He hails from both blood lines, which relates to his own inner struggles and turmoils, reflected in the music.

He has many passions aside from music, including cooking, agriculture and ichthyology, which he gave up going to college for to pursue a career in music.

Jesse was a contestant of American Idol (Season XIV) and finished the competition in the top 90, a great feat, but greater things are sure to come in his musical journey.

Stay tuned!

I am so excited to announce that I have been selected to participate in the FIRST EVER, Isina arrival! I am honored and grateful for this opportunity! This is the beginning of something great!

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