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i am a Venezuelan Keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist, actually living in the USA that wants to grow up as musician to be a great composer and songwriter. I consider myself as a music lover, i can play and hear almost all kind of music, and i also able to write and compose music in any style, from Latin jazz to progressive rock,I love Jazz and classic music, also i love Contemporary soundtracks. My goals are based in my musical heroes, musicians like: Freddy Mercury, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Hans Zimmer, Juan Luis Guerra, Jacob Collier, Mervin Warren, John Mayer, Baby Face, and baby boy, and many more. I hope you guys enjoy my music and help me to find my purpose



Space Battle


Space Adventure


03 February
We haven’t changed
Daniel Torrealba @ Instagram
02 December
📸 @lilyy009 🎶 Just stop your crying
It's a sign of the times
Welcome to the final show
Hope you're wearing your best clothes 🎶
Daniel Torrealba @ Instagram
07 November
@jr.rm97 📷
Daniel Torrealba @ Instagram
04 November
Daniel Torrealba @ Instagram
08 October

‎Ted Gioia

07 October

‎Gato macho alpha que se respeta

07 October

‎Día 5. No necesita explicación

06 October

‎El PinguiOk

05 October

‎Día 4 Nunca había visto a un niño haciendo una actuación tan impecable, fue tan impecable que lo nominaron al oscar, y Mi esposa Brie Larson se ganó el Oscar a la mejor actriz ese año. Excelente película, excelente actuación y excelente historia. Una trama perfecta simplificado en 4 paredes.... Totalmente recomendada....

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