Lil Ralph Shakur

United States, Memphis






My inspirations are Micheal Jackson, Tupac, Drake, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, NWA, and Aaliyah. I go by Lil Ralph or Ralph Shakur. My craft is unique; I call it "Hip Pop". It is a mix between Hip Hop and Pop. I also love R&B. I am very confident that "Hip Pop" is the sound of the future.

I started writing music when I turned 18. Born in Atlanta and moved to Memphis at the age of 4. I always bottled my emotions and only a select few actually knew how I felt. As it built up inside throughout high school I was kicked out my senior year. Yet, I graduated a month later thru private home school called Gateway Christian. Then received a scholarship to Southwest College.

I see music as a second avenue to get my voice heard. I have passion, dedication, and love poured into these albums I have created. I have 7 albums and over 40 singles waiting to be recorded.

Finding love in fashion, I have also created my very own clothing line called "Blue Davinci". It is also another way I like to express myself. I am very eager to learn and get mentored in this program. I can't wait to unlock my full potential as an artist.

Music is my life. I love the many genres and feels music has. It is where i can explore myself and truly feel free. I would also love to learn how to play the piano. It would be an excellent skill to have.

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