CoCo Roz

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With age comes wisdom, I know now I would rather work my self hard doing something I love then something do something I hate, and It would be an absolute honor to sit and aquire skills from such a musical legend. They say that at any point in your life you can re invent yourself, thats what I want to do. My name is Davina , but those who know me musically call me CoCo Roz, and I am a singer/songwriter. I really want to go to work in the field of music, its always been my passion, my happy place, and I want to make what I contribute to music better; training can accomplish that; obtaining such knowledge would be priceless, and also gives me hopes of one day owning my own studio/my own business.. I feel like I'm at the perfect point now in my life where obstacles are Iess minimal; but a change must happen now, a metomorphisis must take place now.. I know if you are a dreamer like me, your dreams never stop being dreamed even though they may have been detoured, or deferred, or repressed or regressed, they still exist. So I hope you choose me ISINA!!! for this valuable opportunity to come work, and be around great musical minds that are helping other musical minds to find their light, and shine! ! One Love!!!!!
CoCo Roz.....



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