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My name is Stanislav.
My way to the Music was long and winding. From time to time we wasn’t able to live without each other a day. Sometimes our relationships cooled and we drifted apart but we newer forget each other.
Music always lives in our house. My mother was a piano teacher. My father combined work at a metallurgical plant with playing in the orchestra of folk instruments. I was taught the Music when I was six years old.
My mother taught me to understand, feel, listen to Music and love it during the education. Although it takes me a lot of time to realize this.
I finished college and two universities and got technical and economical degrees. I served in the army. For several years I worked as an engineer in the electricity industry, supervised the work of electric networks, substations and the elimination of accidents. Then I changed profession and went to work in the Bank.
At the Bank, I went from being a simple teller, serving clients, to the head of Department of Bank cards and then to the head of Bank office.
But all these years I remembered the music, lived it. I devote my free time to composing music in my home studio. For 16 years I have written 16 instrumental albums and two dozen songs (more than 250 pieces of music). I love music whose meaning consists in melody, harmony and beauty and I agree with the words of B.Asafiev: "Melody is the soul of music"...
My music was always free to listen and now I have plenty of fans worldwide.
My life is filled with many interesting things: I do wooden furniture for my family and friends, I am addicted to modelling (make models of tanks that look real), I like cooking, in summer I collect different herbs and make a variety of natural and healthy tea. But music holds a special place in my life.
Now I again decided to change my life and left the Bank in hope to find my place in the world of music.
In the project ISINA I would like to gain new knowledge and skills in creating music in new for me styles, to gain new experience, expand my understanding of music.

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