Ukraine, Lviv






06 June


15 March

‎Our new artistic experiment. An English-language remake of the 1960 love song "Kokhana" (ukr. "Кохана") - the seminal item from the Great Ukrainian Songbook.

31 July

‎Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome! First performance in English. World's first-of-a-kind romantic song. About Mathematics. For mathematicians. Made by mathematicians. Enjoy and feel free to share it with right people.

23 March

‎Special edition. Для своїх across the Globe.

25 January

‎= WORDS OF GRATITUDE = Last friday I had an honor to be awarded as "ELEKS employee of the year 2016" in the nomination "Business Analyst". According to the official statement the goal of that award is to distinguish employees who made the most significant contribution in the company development, and whose actions are the best realization of the company values. Although usually I tend to avoid publicity, this time my heart is overflowing with sentiments. I need to express some of them in written. First of all, I want to thank all my colleagues at Eleks for this sign of recognition. It's encouragement and inspiration. It's milestone on the way. I should confess, that intellectual pleasure of working with you is the main fuel for my soul in the everyday routines. I'd like to sincerely thank ELEKS' founders -- for building this wonderful organization, the lighthouse for extraordinary people with engineering brains and poetic hearts. I'd like to sincerely thank ELEKS' executives and top-managers for systematic fostering of special internal atmosphere that encourages initiativeness, creativity, curiousity, and self-improvement. I'd like to thank my wonderful mates at Business Analysis Office (BAO). In terms of professional standards many of you remain my role models. The highest ideals I will never reach. I'd like to specially thank Dr. Michael Kramarenko (a.k.a. "uncle Misha") -- the man who created BAO @ELEKS and built its fundamental traditions. Your invitation on February 2014 changed my life. Your support in critical situations perhaps saved it! I'd like to thank Andrii Kosar -- current head of BAO -- for his elegant, easygoing managerial style and true leadership. Never before I experienced such a wide room for self-realization! I'd like to thank men and women who worked with me as the customers. We remember that the only true measure of my professional achievements is your satisfaction. Thank you for your trust! I'd like to thank my parents and teachers -- people who invested in me their souls and years of efforts. Your old school works! I'd like to thank all people of my clan -- relatives and friends from various fields of human endeavour: from Music to Military. Friendship with you enriches my worldview and feeds imagination. And finally I want to thank my best friend, my lover and my wife. You Allochka. Without your unconditional love, warm care and constant support I could never become what I am today. It's your award too!

23 November

‎Математикам и им сочувствующим...

06 August

‎Одесситам всего мира. От сердца к сердцу. Музыкальная визитная карточка родного города. Такая, какой мечтал ее услышать всю жизнь.

13 February

‎Цю інтерпретацію відомого твору ми з Олегом Яремою зробили до дня народження моєї коханої дружини. Вона була не проти поділитись цим виконанням з друзями. Тож, до уваги любителів української пісні: знаменита "Кохана" 1960р. в стилі українського романсу з вкрапленнями імпресіонізму. Це може бути чудовим доповненням до вашого романтичного вечора в день всіх закоханих.

24 December

‎The most amazing performance of original Leontovych's "Shchedryk" (a.k.a. "Carol of the Bells") I have ever heard. I was searching for such a sound for all my life...

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