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Hello there my name Phoenix, born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca.I have lived throughout the slums of Los Angeles as I like to call it, all of my life, seeing both the beauty and ugliness of people since I was very young. Im proud and grateful of the struggles and happy to be the strong woman I am today. Growing up my best friends were my pets. Ive dedicated half of my adult life to the health and well being of mainly dogs and cats a few exotic pets in the mix as well, a California Licensed Veterinary Technician, and in the field for 11 years I have my share of amazing heartfelt stories, and have met both amazing people and animals. Currently I am working for a non profit organization that offers free veterinary services to low income families and feel blessed to be able to contribute my skills to the community. But, all along inside my heart I never felt complete.Something was missing in my life and it was that I truly wanted to give myself and my voice the chance to pursue my dream of being a professional vocal recording artist. That's when I started chasing the dream about a year ago and was ironically led to isina through destiny and hopeful chance.I have had this hidden talent and dream that I was scared to follow and show the world since I was very young ,music runs in my blood (my father is a musician ) so I grew up surrounded by it. Even with this background I just didnt believe in myself enough to say I want to sing now this force and this feeling just has a pull thats unlike any other. At this point I just can't stop thinking of singing.Im still a developing vocal artist and I know I can be great if Given the opportunity to train with experienced professionals, (my respect to those individuals)and get the help I need, I have been studying all the free education I can get my hands on,as well as the education my extra money can provide and daily vocal practice.My journey to finding my voice has led to rediscovering myself and developing vocals is constant up keep. Life has taught me that it won't be easy and it hasn't so far but with focus, dedication, and great work ethic I can achieve the goals I set forth for myself. My hands have helped heal many animals now I would love for my voice to help heal the human soul.



Elastic Heart ( Phoenix Cover)


I Thought I Found Ya ( Phoenix Cover) Vocalist


Dog Days are Over (Phoenix cover)


Angel (Phoenix A Capella cover)

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