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My Name is Antoine Ones,my fans luv called me T-Pin.I am a young artist and Haitian singer.I sing RnB, hiphop, and pop and now I start the electronic music and Rock which frankly I liked a lot too. In my quality as a young professional and independent singer through the world, I create my own popularity through my team of promotion that Mr. Pierre Cheelton Saint-Jacques, known on the celebrity name Pisiwann,he is my executive Director marketing and my young producer,in Georgia USA.I sing in English which is not chance, because in my community I am well known as a brilliant young professional who founded a professional English school where people can learn to speak English especially teach them how to sing.It is from here that I have or found my school called Shakespeare's English technology school, and I have the privilege to teach English in 80% of the secondary, private and public institutions in my hometown,the Haitian cultural: Jacmel.I love myself a lot like as a young entrepreneur and well talented Singer That's why I have founded Shakespeare's Unit, which has taken an extraordinary step on the international game.Checked out and discover through my latest interview from Haiti on a major online radio station in Tacoma, Washington, USA: 1)https://archive.org/details/episode_44_shakespeare_s_unit_from_haiti 2) https://www.spreaker.com/user/ltatmradio/s2-ep85-making-a-music-video

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