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Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by! Appreciate your time! My names nick khali! I am a inspired singer/songwriter/audio engineer!
I was born in Nashville Tennessee, and moved to Florida when I was five years old!
music has been a great deal and influence in my life! Well for starters my dad was a musician with a reach for the stars kinda dream much like my self! This led him to follow his drive and inspirations to nashville!

When I was young, I would always be at bleaugrass festivals listening to the family band (Kentucky sleepy hollow) started by my grandmother! They are still rocking it! playing all over Florida! I started putting my passion and love for music to work at the age of 13 when I got a Guitar as a Christmas gift! Years after, I went to school for audio engineering, i graduated in 2015 with an audio engineering degree! I wanted to learn as much as I could about the music industry and all the aspects, and sharpen my skills, which I'm still working on!
Music is strong, it's soothing, it flows like a river and flys far as the wind! It deffinantly consumes most of my daily life! When I'm not punching the clock at publix supermarkets as a meat cutter!

Thank you for checking me out!

and a special shoutout and big thank you to isina for making this opportunity and connection! I can't imagine the intensity and hard work you guys have to do to go thru so many applicants. I appreciate every bit of it.



Nick khali cover of Humble and kind by Tim McGraw


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